Joel Williams' compendium of TOTAL KNOWLEDGE

A semi-interactive journey of uncommon profundity.


Gluten Free Tokyo - No/Low gluten restaurants around Tokyo

Cheap Adelaide Restaurants - My pick of cheap places to eat in Adelaide.

Cheap Canberra Restaurants - My less comprehensive list of cheap places to eat in Canberra.

Restaurant Reviews - A not-yet comprehensive review of the finest dining Adelaide has to offer.

Exam Prep 2006 - 2006 exam preparation notes.

Projects - Things I'd like to do some day.

Library Fraud - Joel's guide to library fraud.

QandA - Q and A I wrote for an older incarnation of my Web site.

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FPGA tips

Cheap FPGA Development Boards - The results of my endless search for cheaper stuff.

Digilent Atlys resources - Guides and code for using peripherals on the Digilent Atlys board.

Xilinx MIG Tutorial - A guide to configuring, simulating and synthesising using the Xilinx Spartan-6 Memory Interface Generator and ISE.

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Random tips

Splunk Tips - Useful snippets for Splunk Enterprise

Creative Stage Air - Improving the Creative Stage Air Bluetooth speaker.

Cisco Tips - Things I've found with Cisco devices. Mostly CME and ASAs.

General Notes - Tips that aren't impressive on their own. For CPanel, Mac OS X, etc.

SquirrelMail - Advice for using SquirrelMail with Dovecot and possibly other things.

LaTeX Notes - Things I've figured out about the LaTeX typesetting system.

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Code snippets

Connected Pot Plant - ESP32-powered IoT pot plant

UDPProxy - A daemon that forwards UDP broadcasts as unicast packets.

Pic Mcu Tips - Things I've found while fiddling with Microchip PIC MCUs.

MSP430 Launchpad Code - Bits for the MSP430 Launchpad.

Iodine Script - A simple script that kicks off iodine under Mac OS X.

JavaScript CSV - JavaScript functions for importing CSV data.

Maildir Spam Checking - A script that checks a Maildir against SpamAssassin.

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System admin

RAID Setup - most likely outdated guide for converting an existing Linux system to RAID.

Openswan Annoyances - Solutions for the NO_PROPOSAL_CHOSEN and protocol/port errors with Openswan, and other tips and tricks.

Dovecot Vpopmail Setup - Most likely outdated guide to getting the Dovecot IMAP server talking to vpopmail.

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