Gluten Free Tokyo

I present our slowly expanding list of gluten free and low gluten restaurant options around Tokyo and Kanagawa! Some of the restaurants don't claim to be gluten free (other than the noodles) so it's probably best to consider these as low gluten options, as long as you stick to salt (shio) bases.

Cafe Littlebird

Shibuya-ku. All gluten free - very generously sized pizzas and sandwiches. Haven't tried the ramen yet but it looks nice too!

Muku Zweite

Shin-Yokohama. A ramen restaurant inside the Shin-Yokohama ramen museum (worth a visit!) which has a gluten-free noodle option.


Tokyo station, Kyobashi, and Hirakawacho. Terrific ramen restaurant with a brown rice noodle option. They have vegetarian and vegan options which contain barley, but apparently it's possible to ask for them without this.


Various locations. Another great ramen restaurant with a gluten free konnyaku noodle option.


Minato-ku. Gluten free pizza bases are available.

Rice Terrace Kamakura

Kamakura. Bento, pizza toast, curry, burger, and sweets, all gluten free and made with rice flour.

Where is a dog? (Instagram)

Shinjuku-ku. Gluten free specialty cafe - on our list to check out!

Teddy's Bigger Burgers

Harajuku, Yokohama, and Kamakura. Hawaiian style burgers with gluten free rice flour and 'vegetable' bun options.


Arakawa-ku. Rice flour pasta cafe.


Nerima-ku. Casual French gluten-free restaurant.


Koto-ku. Rice flour okonomiyaki.

Other general advice

  • Not very Japanese, but most of the Indian/Nepalese restaurants which dot the city appear to be gluten free/low gluten.
  • Yakiniku is probably pretty safe as long as you avoid the delicious mystery sauces
  • Yakitori meat options seem to be pretty safe as long as you ask for shio (salt) seasoning.