More Tips

I'm not proud of everything I've done. Fortunately, I've written all about these gory experiences and placed it on this page for your benefit!

OSXSoftware - List of things I like on OS X

Vim7Tips - Collection of Vim 7 tips.

FlashTips - Collection of tips for Adobe Flash.

IrssiTips - Collection of tips for the Irssi IRC client.

SharpMM1 - Info on my former laptop, the Sharp MM1.

Equipment - A list of equipment and tools that I use, and in most cases like.

Ruby SWIG Nightmare - Battles with SWIG and Rails.

PORTech MV374 - How to integrate the PORTech MV-374 with a Cisco Call Manager Express

Exchange 2007 Tips

Thunderbird and newsgroups

RF links and notes

N-central notes

Downgrading Windows 8 Pro to Windows 7 Pro - How to exercise your downgrade rights on computers with OEM Windows 8 Pro.