More Code Snippets

These unpopular code snippets have no business being on the front page of the site. Screw you, crufty old code!

LogtailPatch - A patch for Debian's "logtail" tool that makes it handle rotated logs.

MailStats - A script that tells me how much mail and spam I've received.

Soap4rUTF8 - A workaround for character set errors when retrieving UTF-8 data using soap4r.

MagicResolvConf - A proof of concept that makes it possible to change your DNS servers dynamically. Use cases welcomed.

RadiantCMS - Stuff for the Rails-based CMS, Radiant.

KwikiMod - I modified Kwiki so that page titles are more search engine friendly.

SimpleHTTPSServer - I needed a simple HTTPS server, so I hacked one up.

R Notes - I use the R statistics package and have made some notes.

Dropbox Maildir Backup - Backing up large Maildir mail stores to Dropbox.

Amazon S3 Backup Script - A much better script that backs up large Maildirs to Amazon S3.

Simple HTTP Proxy - A one-liner HTTP proxy that spits out requests.

Ruby SWIG Nightmare - I solved a Ruby-SWIG-Rails problem using a nifty workaround.