Radiant CMS

I find it pretty quirky, but I'm trying to move the sites I manage over to the Radiant content management system. Additional functionality is provided through extensions and plugins, and I've extended a couple to do some things that I need:

page_attachments - a text description field for each attachment. You can't currently edit the description.

database_form - the ability to upload files along with forms (not yet any way to view them, but I'll extend the admin thing soon)

These are probably both now terribly out of date.

I'm keen to see how Ansuz turns out as an alternative, as I find Radiant just a bit too simplistic in its base form! In particular, I wish it had an image manager. Maybe there's an extension for it, but my admin page is starting to be overwhelmed by all the tabs for configuring different extensions. There's now a nice paperclipped plugin that mostly works, but the people I give it to find it all a bit confusing. It probably needs an image management tool that allows you to manually crop and resize.

Note to self - the textile_editor extension may make simple image additions possible.

Page redirections

It's possible to redirect pages using the vapor extension, but I couldn't see any obvious way to actually set redirections up. Run the rake migration as described in the HELP_admin.md file, and then manually proceed to http://example.com/admin/flow_meters .