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Song For Sleep

Recorded version.

Capo 10, then play the chord shapes as if they were not capoed

Intro - 
D (xx0232) - Dsus (xx0233) - D?? (xx0230)

Am (x022100) - Am?? (x022000)


It has to be


Em - G
When we.. we touch each

D - Dmaj7 (xx0222)

It has to be wonderful
So I .. can fall asleep

Oh it has to be gentle
So we .. don't break each other

But it won't be painless
That's too easy

Bridge, which I'm not really sure about yet. I'm not even sure about the lyrics!

Dm - Am
Shoulder me so I can see

C - Em
What's going on ahead

D - Am
Hold my view what won't kill you

C - Em
Will make me strong instead

D - Am
Cause I have a craving for the long red light

D - Am
When I see those posters of a cinematic moonlight

D - Am
And I have an appetite for a mountain that fades (??!)

D - Am
All you can eat and sing and dance

C - Em
With a couple proposing the night away

It has to beautiful wonderful quiet and sad

A last minute risk that we're lucky to have

Em - G
Slowly and gently 'till we reach that day again

D - Am - C - Em
Oh maybe I should change my mind