• Ring Mick - done. Will try to see him on the weekend.
  • Read more about antenna locating stuff
  • Think more about building receivers - this is what I kind of need to do next, or just buy one for testing, but I'll need to decide on antennas first.

Ooh, come across Doppler direction finding - seems relatively cheap!

  • Ramsey DDF1 kit and manual.
  • Lots of interesting looking info on this page. Write and ask. Still needs a receiver. Ask Bob for hints.
  • Ramsey also produce a cheap (USD 50) VHF receiver that I could possibly adapt. It has an LC oscillator, but maybe I could make a PLL one? Their manual has some good hints. Based on MC3359, which has a 'scan' pin.
  • Doppler Systems claim 5 degrees with four elements, 2 degrees with eight. Could probably make my own 8 element one.
  • Another similar homebrew one.
  • Another kit.