Read some more papers on harmonic radar

Find Atmel RF guide. It really doesn't look like 170 MHz is supported by anyone! Is it feasible to make 300MHz transmitters? Sirtrack doesn't sell them. I don't think anyone does. It's probably a non-ISM band. Can't find any information about it on ACMA's site. It's probably a bad idea to make a system which would be used by government agencies that operated on illegal bands!

The Panamanian project is here and is on Barro Colorado Island. It doesn't look like they have any published research yet! They have a number (seven or more?) of fixed stations with fixed arrays of eight antennae, giving 70m accuracy, which is pretty arse, though the vegetation is quite dense.

LOAS is software that the BCI/ARTS people use to triangulate animals from multiple bearings. I'd hope to be able to replicate that myself, but this is only USD 75.