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Investigate attachment of wireless thing, breadboard, IDC connector. Work out what I need to get from Jaycar.

  • Don't know where my breadboard is! In room somewhere?
  • Have two IDC connectors for 28 pin dev boards
  • Need to get a row of header pins for the wireless module, two small breadboards?

Write to Sirtrack about various things


I'm working on an automated radio telemetry project and was after some information/quotes on antennas, transmitters and receivers.

I'm envisioning using fixed directional antenna stations - do you have a list of the fixed Yagis you manufacture? I'm concerned with beam width (not too narrow), gain and cost (since a full scale deployment may need hundreds). What would you recommend for sensing your smallest transmitters at a range of 750m in a moderately dense woodland, or is this too much to ask for?

Also, what're the cheapest VHF receivers you sell or recommend? I imagine I'll aim to end up building my own but an off-the-shelf one will obviously be better for prototyping. Datalogger ability would be good, but at the very least it would be good to have an RSSI output that I can monitor (though if there's an analogue meter I can pull it apart and hook that up to an A/D converter).

I'd also like to buy some transmitters to test a prototype system with. They will not be attached to animals (at this stage) but I would like them to exhibit similar ranges to regular transmitters. Is it possible to buy your single-stage transmitter without a battery and attach it to a AA cell? (obviously it won't require a reed switch) How much would it cost for 2 to 5 units?

Thanks very much! Joel Williams

Their smallest transmitters aren't that small. Write to Titley, who make 0.4g ones


Could you please give me a quote on 2-5 LT4 units? I'd like to use them to test and characterise the performance of a radio telemetry system, so I'd like to get transmitters that exhibit the same range and performance of a 'real' transmitter but they will not be attached to animals and would be ideally operated from an AA cell instead of a tiny battery.

Thanks! Joel

Start investigating wireless firmware code !!

Read 3 ecological papers !!

  • Rowley07
  • Webb97a

Generally low range (10m) for harmonic. What sort of range did that enormous insect radar get? Hand-held transmitters must be incredibly weak.

  • In BSL - 597.605 H563 - Engelstoft, C., Ovaska, K., Honkanen, N. (1999): The harmonic direction finder: a new method for tracking movements of small snakes. Herp. Rev. 30: 84-87.

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